Bob Falck

In March 2016, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, joined Carl Schuetz’s Saturday yoga class and quickly became a regular attendee. Exercise is key to managing Parkinson’s and participating with a group of like-minded PWPs provides the motivation to keep going. I love the way that yoga blends breathing and movement. Stretching my joints and muscles feels so good and makes me feel good about my life too.

Carl is a trained professional yoga instructor and he challenges us to focus on precise alignment of each pose. His class is well planned, working different muscle groups each week. Soothing background music promotes relaxation. Floor mats and props are provided. The atmosphere is friendly and upbeat.

Carl has Parkinson’s too and shows utmost compassion for all class members regardless of ability. He truly loves teaching and helping others to manage Parkinson’s through yoga.

I’m glad I found Yoga for Parkinson’s and I plan to practice yoga for the rest of my life.   


Bob Falck

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