Gita Lefstein

When I first started taking this class about 5 years ago my husband, who has Parkinson's, was not doing well and I was working a full time stressful job, so I was very stressed out.  I loved the yoga class because it really helped relieve my stress.  Now I am retired and my husband's Parkinson's is under much better control so I am not as stressed out, but I still love the yoga class.  The exercise just makes you feel good. Even without Parkinson's the aging process causes one to have less flexibility so the stretching that we get in yoga is great.  The class is challenging, again even without Parkinson's, but it is satisfying to see improvement over time. 

I also enjoy the class because of the many wonderful people in it.  I appreciate the fact that as a partner of someone with Parkinson's, I feel totally welcome in the class and my need for exercise is recognized.

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