Build Mind-Body Connections

When we practice yoga, our brains release endorphins. This, of course, makes us feel good all over. Research also suggests that our brains produce more dopamine when we practice yoga.

Good Complementary Therapy 

Yoga is known to improve balance, strength and flexibility, and recent research shows that yoga is a powerful complementary therapy for neurological disease. Our yoga classes, tailored to Parkinson's Disease (PD) patients and their care partners, focus on breathing and a flow of modified yoga poses that address the needs of people with movement disorders.

Have Parkinson’s?

Yoga makes you feel better, and makes your treatments work better! Bring your friends!

Chair Yoga or Mat Yoga

All of the yoga poses used in our classes can be done as either chair yoga or yoga on the mat.
Need a chair? We have one for you!

Beginners are Welcome

Never tried yoga? No problem. We'll help you learn yoga and develop your yoga practice. You’ll love how much better you feel! Whether or not you have practiced yoga before, our Yoga for Parkinson's class is designed with you in mind.

More Information

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